Month: September 2016

Toys Outside

There is a strict no toys outside rule! As you can see we always follow that rule 🐢🐢

#shih tzu


I got the girls a spider costume. Not that they needed it there are quite a few costumes in the basement closet. A pumpkin, a cheer leader, a cow and a bee. I may have issues lol. 

Bailey is less than thrilled with the costume 

Cocoa was wanting her turn

#shihtzu #baileyandcocoa 

Belly Rubs!!Β 

Cocoa and Bailey are always ready for a belly rub. 

Cocoa will turn over in the blink of an eye 🐢

She’ll even try to get her sister to rub her belly. 

Bailey waiting for her belly rub  

#shihtzu #bellyrub 


The pups are enjoying a relaxing weekend! Though I do believe everyday is a relaxing day for them 😊

One of their favorite spots to relax is on the deck. They love their deck!! My citronella plant in the picture with Cocoa has seen better days, but Cocoa doesn’t mind 😁

#shihtzu #relaxingsunday