Month: August 2016



My Ball

My puppies have a lot of toys and I do mean a lot!! Next to buying yarn, buying puppy toys is probably my favorite thing.  Here is a picture of Cocoa in one of their toy tub that’s in the basement.


It’s funny, they always want the toy the other one has.

Bailey’s favorite toy of the moment is her blue ball.  She carries it everywhere and even takes it to bed.  Bailey has started keeping her blue ball in her food bowl, to help keep her sister from getting it.  Cocoa eats her food immediately and Bailey will eat hers whenever.  Luckily, Cocoa will not mess with Bailey’s bowl.


I am convinced Bailey is a genius!!!  #shihtzu #puppies


Cocoa is a one year old Shih tzu. She goes at everything 110 miles an hour! She is a little love bug 🐶

Here is a picture of Cocoa when I first got her

She loves her big sister, toys and balls! Her coloring lightened up a lot too. 


Bailey is a 3 year old Shih Tzu. I got her when she was a wee pup and weighed 3 pounds.  Here is a picture of Bay the day I brought her home. 

She is just so stinkin cute🐶 she loves her toys and to play ball 🎾🎾

This is a picture of Bailey now. I am amazed by how much her coloring has changed

#shih tzu #puppy


Everyone thinks they have the best dog and none of them are wrong. W.R. Purche

I have been putting off writing my first post. I was thinking it had to be perfect, but then I realized that it doesn’t need to be perfect however the first post turns out is exactly how it should be!

Everything I’ve read said your first post should explain the goal of your blog. I will be figuring that out as I go. If I had to say right now, it would be fun, cuteness, and hopefully some good information/conversation. 

I love the Shih Tzu breed. In my opinion I have two of the cutest Shih Tzu’s. Bailey who is 3 and Cocoa is 1. 

Bailey is on the right and Cocoa is on the left.