Winter Fun ❄️️

Cocoa loves the snow❄️️ she stays out as long as possible. 


2 thoughts on “Winter Fun ❄️️

  1. ADORABLE! We don’t get that much powdery snow accumulation here, so my Shih Tzu TinkerToy has never gotten to play like that. Since we also get a lot of winter rain, ours ices over quickly, so he sinks and gets stuck. We have to keep to the sidewalks in the winter, primarily.

    Happy to have found your blog. I’m looking forward to having the time to get to know your site (and your babies) better. When I have more time I’ll pin a few stills to one of my many Shih Tzu boards to help you maybe build some traffic.

    Tink says THANKS for reading and liking his post about blogging, btw. Any time you see one of his “guest posts” feel free to leave a link in the comments to something here that relates (even sorta’).

    Keep it to one link per comment, however, or you’ll be auto-spammed. For some bizarre reason, attracts WAY too much link-spam to have time to dig thru the trash to approve the few who are not really spamming – and Akismet can’t tell the difference (over a MILLION, according to their counter on my sidebar!) Maybe they assume I’m too distracted to notice?
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